My Intro to Let You Know

What’s up world? I’m Subhodaya, the one of us who is originally from Nepal. Currently I live in Columbia, SC. I am a sports fanatic, and I naturally gravitated towards basketball because it’s the one sport I’m somewhat decent at and I can play it whenever I want, whether alone or with others. I have an awkward looking shot, but when I’m on it’s like a live version of NBA JAM. The ball is literally on fire in my hands.

My favorite player of the last decade has to be Peja Stojakovic. Odd choice I know, but I modeled my game after Peja circa 2002-2005; however, thank god I did not model my hairstyle after his (FYI: Jack looked as ridiculous as you think he did with that Steve Nash look). I am slightly obsessed with stats and was known as Stat Boy back in the early years of college. I definitely could have stumped the Schwab. A few of my close cousins say I’m a huge hater, but I feel I’m just a realist. Some people say Lebron made an amazing block. I say he goaltended.

The three of us have known each other for a long time and we work well together. We hope you join us as we delve further into our passion: The NBA and the great game of basketball.


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