Quick Transition

Good morning everyone. I just a have few quick thoughts on yesterday’s action.

Disclaimer: If you are from Seattle please do not read this, you have suffered enough.
The Thunder got a big win yesterday, even though it was against a Paul-less Hornets team. Like people always say about the League though, any road win is a good win.
Everyone is focusing on Durant and rightfully so. Man is playing out of his mind lately. In my opinion he is the best pure scorer in the NBA. Kobe, LeBron, and Wade have been the holy trinity of bball players during the last few years but Durant is slowly creeping up on them. Look at what he’s done in January. There are other good players that should get recognition on that team. Jeff Green is one of them. I’ve followed him since his days at Georgetown, where he helped lead them to a final four in 2007. He’s an unassuming guy but leads by his play. I can definitely see him playing Pippen to Durant’s Jordan. Another players who has impressed me is Russell Westbrook. He’s very long, athletic, quick, and has a strong pedigree playing on those Ben Howland led UCLA final four teams. Along with Lebron and Kidd, he is one of the few players who can put up a triple double on any given night. The Thunder are still very young though. They average 15.5 turnovers a night which won’t cut in the playoffs, but they are a team on the rise and I am excited to see them mature and become a great team like I believe they can be.

Boston got a 5 point win yesterday. Unfortunately for Miami, Wade did not go to the line 15+ times like Nate had predicted or else the Heat would have pulled the upset. Two years ago Boston had a big three of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. Last year people were clamoring to make it a big four and include Rondo. This year, with the injuries to Garnett and Pierce and Allen regressing, is Rondo the best Celtic? I say yes. He has carried the team lately. I know they have a losing record since the new year, but if it wasn’t for Rondo they would be in the bottom 8 of the Eastern Conference. Against the Lakers last Sunday, he was the best player on the court. Kobe did what he does at the end of the game, but Rondo dominated for all 48 minutes. If the Celtics can get healthy and with Rondo playing the way he is, they will beat the Cavs and make the finals.

Alright I’m out. Hope everyone has a great day.


3 Responses to “Quick Transition”

  1. Speaking of Seattle, with unprecedented competitiveness across the league in 2009-2010, what are your thoughts on expansion, Sub? Or a team moving?

    I’d hate to see it happen, since I loved watching the classic Reggie-Knicks and Reggie-Jordan duels, but I don’t see the Pacers staying in Indianapolis long-term. They’re not selling any tickets, their players are either too young, too hurt, too white, or too disinterested (Danny Granger was held below double-digit scoring twice in January, something that didn’t happen once in 59 games Granger played in 2009). A market like Seattle hungry for a team again could be mutually beneficial for a team like the Pacers to move to. It’d give the fan base and the organization a chance at a fresh start, and we’ve seen that work with significant success (albeit after some lag time) in Oklahoma City and in Memphis this season.

  2. I don’t think the league should expand. While there are plenty of teams that have improved this year, there are still teams that are horrible. The Nets are challenging the record for futility, and the Kings, T’Wolves, and Warriors are each playing below .350 ball. Expansion would just make the league more diluted.

    I don’t see how David Stern would allow the Pacers to move out of Indianapolis. They have been there since the ABA days, and Indiana is synonymous with basketball. They are just going through a lull right now. It’s hard for every team to be like the Lakers and make the playoffs year in and year out. I have watched Pacers games and they are a boring team and you are right when you say they look disinterested. A change of scenario is not going to keep a player from being disinterested if the whole team changes scenarios with him as well, however.

  3. […] power ranking. 11th. Nobody could have foreseen that at the beginning of the year. I stated in an earlier post that if the whole team was healthy, and with Rondo playing at an elite level, they would be the […]

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