Cavs Get Jamison! Title to follow??

The Cleveland Cavaliers completed a trade for Antawn Jamison today.  The move came as the highlight of a 3 team trade between the Cavs, Wizards and Clippers. The Cavs received Antawn Jamison from the Wizards and Sebastian Telfair from the Clippers.  The Wizards got  Zydrunas Ilgauskas  and Al Thorton while the Clippers received Drew Gooden.

Two things jump out at me: 1) The Cavs are REALLY good now; and 2) The Clippers are REALLY stupid.

The Clippers, for their part, are devoid of rational thought. Explain to me how one thinks it is a good idea to clear cap space to go after Lebron James by helping the Cavs win a championship? Well, that made sense to the Clippers and that’s all that needs to be said.

The Wizards are irrelevant, but one has to wonder whether they’ll buy out Big Z and let him return to the Cavs. If they buy Big Z out, they could avoid paying his salary and save some extra money. In that scenario, Z can return to the Cavs and provide a backup to Shaquille O’Neal in case of injury or even spread the floor at the PF position with his ability to knock down mid range shots.  Still, you’d have to wonder if an arch-nemesis like the Wizards is really going to want to do anything extra to help the Cavs’ title hopes.

On second thought,  they’d probably do it just to piss off Gilbert Arenas.

The biggest losers here are the New York Knicks. Their hopes of landing Lebron James depended on the Cavs not being title winners going forward. Now that the Cavs appear to be, on paper, one of the best teams (if not the best) in the NBA going forward, it’s hard to see why Lebron would choose the Knicks now. Though New York does have Broadway and Lebron loves to sing and dance…

Speaking of New York, Eddie House is having a rough day. He’s getting traded from the Boston Celtics to the New York Knicks. Contender to laughing stock in one day and I thought my Wednesday was bad. House’s son, Jaelen, is not happy either. Rumors are that their TV show has been renamed from “My dad’s a Pro” to “My dad’s a Knick.” The kids at school are no longer impressed. Tough break, Jaelen, there’s always FUBU.

Despite the terrible day in New York, the people in Cleveland were ecstatic when news first broke of the Jamison trade. Then they remembered that they live in Cleveland and misery returned. Still, the Cavs have reason to celebrate. They get an absolute stud in Antawn Jamison.  He’s going to be a perfect compliment to Lebron on the offensive end because he plays pick and roll basketball and can spread the floor. He forces opposing power forwards out of their comfort zones. If a defender doesn’t come to cover him, he’ll shoot the J. If the defender comes out, he’ll use his skill to get to the basket and finish or set a teammate up.

The defensive end is another matter entirely. I’ll just say, Amare’s a better defender and leave you to fill in the blanks.

Still, Jamison makes the Cavs a lock for the NBA finals.

Then again, the Cavs were a lock for the NBA finals last year too.  (As an aside,  I think  Subhodaya and I were the only people in America who predicted that Orlando would have no problem dispatching of the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Well, Charles Barkley also predicted it, but he also thinks Shaq is player of the decade with only having 3 great seasons in the last 10 years so he doesn’t count.)

Although Lebron looked nervous, biting his nails, when told of the Jamison trade, sources say that he is very pleased with the acquisition.

But Lebron should be nervous. He needs to worry because there are no more excuses. He finally has a squad that, on paper, rivals the Lakers. Everyone is going to be expecting a Lakers-Cavs finals this season. They want to see an epic battle with the two best players in the game today – and possibly, with history as the judge, the two best players of all time – going head to head to determine who is 1A and who is 1B.  Lebron’s ascent to King has been in name only. The throne is still Kobe’s. Lebron knows that in order to get his crown he must take it from Kobe.

My prediction: Lakers in six because Kobe’s a champion. He’s got killer instinct and he’s playing for his place in history. Kobe won’t let his Lakers lose in the finals. Not this year. Not to Lebron.

I guess it isn’t such a bad day for New York after all.


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