The Lay-Up Line

Just some random thoughts about basketball and other things by yours truly.

Bill Simmons released his annual trade value column this week. This is always my favorite Sports Guy column even though I don’t agree with everything he says. Look what he wrote under Dwight Howard. Now read what he wrote under the grouping of Deron Williams, Brandon Roy, and Derrick Rose. Now tell me why Durant, Wade, and Kobe are behind Howard.

If they remade ET and had a current NBA player act as ET who would you choose? I’m pretty sure 75% of you said Rajon Rondo. If you could choose a retired NBA player, Sam Cassel would be the hands down choice. This is more of a lock than James Cameron making a film in 2020 with a terrible plot but amazing special effects that grosses $5 billion worldwide. Here is a list of others who could play ET. You already know who number 1 is.

Wouldn’t it be great if the crowd started chanting “Conan, Conan” during the first episode of Leno’s return to The Tonight Show?

I wish I could hit a 99mph fastball. I really wish I could dunk a basketball. Most of all, I wish I could do this.

Speaking of Shaun White and the Olympics, I know winning the World Series, Superbowl, or NBA Championship would elicit an incredible feeling; but getting a gold medal placed around your neck, with your national anthem blaring in the background, in your home country would have to trump it all.

As Nate mentioned below, Jamison is going to the Cavs. Where is Amar’e going? To the Heat? A Wade, Stoudemire, Beasley top 3 would be nice, but I don’t think they could contend with the Cavs, Magic, or even the Celts or Hawks. Although, with the corpse of Jermaine O’Neal shaking off the cobwebs and performing like an actual NBA player recently, who knows.

The other 2 major trades involved the Mavs getting Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood while the T’ Blazers got Marcus Camby. I really like both trades for both team. With the Wizard being terrible and Gilbert Arenas trying to channel his inner Dirty Harry, a lot of people really don’t know much about Buter or Haywood. Both of them are tough players which the Mavs definitely need. While Strong Juice Butler will help Dirk with the scoring, I like the acquisition of Haywood more. He is a better defensive player than Erick Dampier and actually has a semblance of an inside post game. He will help against the Duncans, Gasols, etc. Both helped out last night in the victory over the Suns. This guy thinks Butler is going to make a huge difference.

As for the Blazers, I think getting Camby makes them the 3rd best team in the West, right behind the Nuggets – as long as Brandon Roy comes back completely healthy. With Greg “Sam Bowie v2.0” Oden and Joel Pryzbilla out, the Blazers were in desperate need of a center who could defend and control the boards. That’s what the Camby man does best. He was defensive POY three years ago and I think he will be reinvigorated playing for a contender.

Why can’t the Lakers play this hard with Kobe on the floor?

I have a solution for the Dunk Contest. Let this guy participate.

Females are crazy. We already know how girls turn everything around when it comes to another girl they don’t like. For example, people in the Aniston camp love saying that Angelina Jolie’s lips are too big and she is just craving attention by adopting all those kids. Whatever. Those lips are amazing and she’s making those kids’ lives 100 times better. Well, women do it to athletes as well. Let me explain. My mom – sorry mom for calling you out – moved to the US in her 20’s and therefore didn’t have a loyalty to any NBA team. Therefore she gravitated towards the best player and best team which was Jordan and the Bulls. She followed Jordan’s career and thinks he is the greatest player of all time. Nothing wrong with that. A majority of people would agree with her. However, most people would also acknowledge the greatness of others, like Kobe and LeBron. Not my mom. I think MJ is the greatest ever and I don’t think Kobe will ever reach his level, but I think Kobe is going to come closer than anyone. LeBron hasn’t reached that level yet, but based solely on talent and God-given skills, LeBron is unmatched on the hardwood. If I mention this to my mom, she won’t listen. She’ll say something about how Kobe and LeBron really suck and that Michael is the greatest ever. That’s it. Kobe and LeBron suck. MJ is the best. No reason why. No acknowledgment of Kobe’s 4 rings or LeBron’s great all around game. That doesn’t matter to her, and in her opinion it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. She’s crazy….oh and she’s also obsessed. Whenever she sees MJ on the TV she reacts the same way a fan of Lost reacts when they see a preview for the next show. Some shrills, some shrieks, and then a smile. She would marry him right now if she could (watch out dad).

If a Duke player gets a black eye, does anybody feel bad for him?

Duke killed Maryland last Saturday when they played at Cameron. Maryland has since won 2 in a row, and if they continue playing this well and handle Duke at home, then Greivis Vasquez should be ACC player of the year. (I am a huge UMD fan. I lived in Maryland for 10 years and my favorite chant is “Fear the turtle”. If I was a bigger homer my last name would be Simpson).

Alright now for some links to articles I think you guys will enjoy.

Ball Don’t Lie midseason awards

A rundown of who might go number 2 in the NBA draft this year.

A look at the underachievers of the last 10 years.

A great read about why the Spurs aren’t as good as they used to be.

Who are the greatest fictional basketball players of all time? Well here you go.

Finally, my cousin Vijay asked me a great question last night. If you could have LeBron and Wade in their prime, or Jordan and Pippen in theirs, who would you chose? I said Jordan and Pippen because they already proved how great they are together. Pippen was the perfect second banana to MJ, the greatest player of all time. If Bron and Wade are on the same team, which one of them is gonna play Robin? What if it’s Game 7 of the NBA finals with one possession left with the score tied and Team Bron/Wade has the ball. Who is the coach going to call the play for? Does he flip a coin? Do they do rock, paper, scissors? I don’t know how that would work. I know Phil Jackson never had to worry about that while coaching the Bulls. I also know people think they would be perfect as teammates based on what they saw during the All-Star game and the 2008 Olympics. Well those are basically exhibition games. I don’t know if they would play so well together for a whole season plus playoffs. Although, there is a chance 6 years from now I read what I just wrote and bang my head on the wall.


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