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Trade Deadline 2010 – Did Everybody Win?

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Since I can remember paying attention to the NBA, I’m fairly certain there’s been at least one trade every season.  The trend lately has been that teams in contention for the title at the point in the season the trading deadline rolls around (mid-February) are under a lot of pressure to “fix” any lingering weaknesses perceived about their lineups, or else a weakness in their balance sheets (more on this in a later post).  The Lakers epitomized this last season with their mid-season move to acquire Pau Gasol, who turned out to be their “missing piece.” More after the jump …

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Best NFL Team Never To Play Football

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I already know what you are thinking. “Come on Subhodaya, this is a basketball blog and here you are writing ANOTHER post about football. Do you know what the hell you are doing?” Of course I do.

My cousins and I always discuss athletes playing other sports than what they went pro in; so, with the NFL season ending and the NBA approaching the all-star break, I thought it would be appropriate to answer this question: If the NBA had to put together a professional football team to play in the NFL, who would be on the team? The biggest problem this question poses is there are so many players to choose from. Out of the 3 major sports (sorry Canada, hockey doesn’t count) basketball players, as a whole, are the most athletic and well-rounded athletes, unless they are 7′ 7″, from Romania, and starred in the movie My Giant. To narrow down the field, I have decided to only pick players who were productive during the last decade and the reason for that is this is my list so I make the rules. Also, when you imagine each player on the football field, imagine them during their prime. Without further ado, here is the greatest football team never to play football.


QB: Allen Iverson. With NFL defenses getting faster and faster, you need a QB who can avoid pressure and also present the threat of the run on every play. Who better than AI? During his prime Iverson was one of the quickest and most tenacious players. He drove to the hole without hesitation and was not afraid to get hit. You need that type of toughness in the leader of your offense. After a sack or a knockdown, it always helps keep morale up when the quarterback bounces back quickly and moves on to the next play. No one got up more after being sent sprawling to the hardwood than Iverson. Also, Iverson was the center of the Philadelphia 76ers offense and everything ran through him, causing people to label him as a ball hog. Well, by making him my QB I’m making sure the ball is in his hands on every play. Some people might argue that he is too small. To channel my inner Joy Behar so what, who cares? People said Drew Brees was too small and he just won some big game or something. If you still don’t like my choice of Iverson, watch this.

RB: LeBron James. With all due respect to every other RB who has ever played in the NFL, LeBron would be the most feared one. Who wants to try to tackle a 250 pounder running full speed? I have an answer. NO ONE. With his speed and strength he could score 6 anytime he touched the ball, no matter where he was on the field. LeBron also has great vision and would be able to see holes before they opened up and would also know when to break a run outside or just barrel up the middle for 4 yards. He would make Adrian Peterson look like Betty White.

WR1: Kobe Bryant. At 6’6″ he would tower over any defensive back who played against him. If he is covered one on one, just throw it up and there’s a 90% chance Kobe is coming down with it. Hell, even if he’s covered by three guys throw it up to him. He’ll come down with it 80% of the time or draw a penalty. Another reason Kobe would make a great receiver is his footwork. What sets 24 apart from his peers in basketball is his impeccable footwork. He is by far the best at the pump fake, spin on your pivot, and score…without traveling. To be a great WR you need great footwork. You need to be able to make tight cuts and not lose speed while making them. Kobe would be a master at doing this. Also, with his amazing stamina and competitiveness, Kobe would not take plays off a la Randy Moss.

WR2: Leandro Barbosa. He’s fast. With Kobe dominating on the other side, I need someone to stretch the field. I was looking at Tony Parker, but he’s French…not that there’s anything wrong with that. You guys make excellent toast. Anyways, all Barbosa needs to do is run down field and occupy one of the safeties, and block every once in a while. He’ll have no problem doing that.

TE: Joakim Noah. Yeah he’s annoying, but if he’s on your team that’s okay. He’s a hustle guy and does a lot of the little things that help your team win. With Kobe and LeBron getting most of the touches, I don’t need my TE to be a pass catching TE. I need him to block, make a big play here and there, and pump the team up. I will get that from Yannick’s son. Also, like I said he is really annoying, so there’s a good chance that at least once a game he pisses off the opponents so much that they do something stupid and get an unsportsmanlike penalty.

FB: Anderson Varejao. I want my fullback to not care about anything except blocking for the RB. Believe me when I say the fullback is not going to get any touches. When you watch Varejao play, you can tell that he enjoys getting rebounds, playing defense, and most importantly setting screens for LeBron. Well on my football team he can enjoy blocking for LeBron. He can also use his hair to clear space.

Guard, Center, and Tackle: Shaquille O’ Neal. Trust me, Shaq will be enough. If not we can throw in Robert “Tractor” Traylor to help him out. And yes, that is really him.


CB1: Bruce Bowen. Would be great at bump n run coverage. The key to bump n run is to use your hands to knock the receiver off his route. Bruce was great at using his hands to defend players during his run with the Spurs, even though most of the time it was illegal. Now he can do it legally. Also, he had very quick feet and anticipated well, so he could definitely cover a receiver one on one. Most importantly, Bowen was regularly touted as the league’s dirtiest player, so he would trip, claw, and bite the opponent’s number one receiver into submission.

CB2: Josh Smith. Might not be quick enough to cover a receiver one on one but my safeties can help with that. With his height, length, and leaping ability, he would be hellacious in zone coverage. He could basically cover two zones by himself. Might gamble a little bit too much to get a pick (similar to him shooting so many 3’s even though he has a horrible percentage) but I can live with that.

FS and SS: Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. Neither of them is very big but I do not need them to make big hits. Both of them are among the league leader in steals, which makes them perfect as my safeties. They have great instincts, would get good jumps on the ball, and would definitely be able to read the eyes of the opposing QB. Both of them are very smart players and would most likely always be in position to make a tackle or make a play on the ball. If they are ever out of position, they have enough speed to make up for it.

MLB: Ron Artest. Very strong and versatile. In the NBA, Artest is one of the few players who can guard anyone from a point guard to a power forward. On the football field, I could put him on a tight end, the third receiver, or have him blitz and cause havoc in the pocket. Also remember, this is Ron Ron in his prime aka Crazy Ron Artest so opponents would definitely be afraid of him because there would be a good chance he would punch them in the face. I would have Stephen Jackson chilling on my bench just in case Ron needed help.

Defensive End and Tackle: Shaquille O’ Neal and Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor. Trust me, they will be enough.

Secret Weapon: Dwight Howard. Anytime the opponent is lining up to kick a field goal I’m bringing in Howard. With his height and leaping ability he is going to block every kick or at least make the kicker push the ball wide right or left. No field goals against my team I guarantee it.


GM: Me. I put the team together. I’m the GM.

Coach: Jim Caldwell. Just seeing if you are still paying attention. I would only have Caldwell as my coach if this was a team full of mimes. The coach would be…me. As the GM, I would play the loyalty card and hire myself as coach. Hey, that’s just the way it goes.

Offensive and Defensive Coordinator: Me…again. What did you expect?

With the athletes on this team, and with the great coaching I would provide, we could just fill up the other positions with random scrubs and the team would still go 16-0 in the regular season and destroy everyone in the playoffs. First team to go 19-0. Take it to the bank.

My Intro to Let You Know

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What’s up world? I’m Subhodaya, the one of us who is originally from Nepal. Currently I live in Columbia, SC. I am a sports fanatic, and I naturally gravitated towards basketball because it’s the one sport I’m somewhat decent at and I can play it whenever I want, whether alone or with others. I have an awkward looking shot, but when I’m on it’s like a live version of NBA JAM. The ball is literally on fire in my hands.

My favorite player of the last decade has to be Peja Stojakovic. Odd choice I know, but I modeled my game after Peja circa 2002-2005; however, thank god I did not model my hairstyle after his (FYI: Jack looked as ridiculous as you think he did with that Steve Nash look). I am slightly obsessed with stats and was known as Stat Boy back in the early years of college. I definitely could have stumped the Schwab. A few of my close cousins say I’m a huge hater, but I feel I’m just a realist. Some people say Lebron made an amazing block. I say he goaltended.

The three of us have known each other for a long time and we work well together. We hope you join us as we delve further into our passion: The NBA and the great game of basketball.


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Hello readers, welcome to The Transition Three.  We’re hopeful to become your one-stop-shop for all things basketball related.  We were formed in February, 2010, when three friends from high school living in physically separated areas of the country realized that what they talked about when they were together was, pretty much, basketball-centric.  We’ve got two Kobe lovers in our group, and one Kobe respecter.  We’ve got a white guy, a black guy, and a guy from Nepal.  We’ve each got our own unique opinions, idiosyncracies, and weaknesses for certain subjects, and we hope that you’ll want to engage us on them.  Commenting is encouraged, and you’ll see eventually that we’re each commenting on each other’s stories and links.  It’s our way of maintaining our friendship, our ongoing debate about basketball and the NBA, and putting some of our thoughts “out there.”

My name is Jackson, and I live in South Carolina.  I’m 6’4″ and rail-thin, but I find ways to make it work for me on the basketball court.  I’ve got a strange man-crush on Steve Nash, and for years, modeled my haircut after his.  You can expect some bizarre topics and opinions from me — I love basketball just like all of you, but sometimes my brain doesn’t work like a normal person’s.  I like disagreeing with people, often times just for the sake of disagreeing.  I think LeBron is the best player in the NBA right now, but I think the Lakers are the best team.  I’ve always been a Bulls fan, though – I was born in Chicago and lived there following college, and I’m convinced that LeBron and Chris Bosh are gonna team up with D-Rose in the Windy City next year to form a new Bulls dynasty.  I live right between the Bobcats and the Hawks, and while the Hawks are pretty good, don’t have a strong affinity for either one.  I typically play as the Suns when I play NBA Live 10… and I’m damn near unstoppable on XBOX Live.  My user name is “one skinnie j” if you ever feel like getting a lesson.

Once again, thanks for reading, and we’re hopeful that we can create a site where you can come to have your brain tickled about all things basketball related.  Check back often for updates – we’re planning on maintaining the site daily with micro-entries, and you can expect a full-length piece from each of us at least once or twice a week, if not more.  I’ll let Nate and Sub introduce themselves as they see fit.  Thanks for reading!